Monday, August 31, 2009

Due Date Plus 2

Wow, I never ever dreamt I'd be sitting here on the verge of September without a baby. Surely, this last one was supposed to toe the line and do as his brothers did? I guess he has a mind of his own. Or maybe he's a she and mad that I keep calling him a boy so she's making me pay?? :)

Either way, it's an odd place to be and I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm getting antsy and anxious. Yvonne and John (my brother and his wife) had their latest Kawika Jack Concepcion at 1:30pm today so she definitely beat me in the baby race. Now it's just a waiting game for us.

Not surprisingly, I'm not motivated for much else but having this baby right now. Will keep everyone posted as best I can. Love...

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