Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

We had a dinner party last night so I consider that the non-official start of my Mother's Day celebration. We had three awesome couples over for BBQ dinner, wine, and music. It was the eight of us and eleven of our kids. There was a wealth of food, wine, and great company. We had so much fun that everyone stayed until about 2am. Most of the kids lasted that long as well (how do kids do that?!).

Sunday started out with an extremely lazy morning, we gave the kids a late breakfast and took time to do the last bit of cleaning from the party. I know, exciting stuff. When we finally got it together (read: when I finally decided to get dressed and make myself presentable), we headed for the beach. We drove to Pacifica, to my dad's place, uninvited (because that's how we roll). We were lucky to catch him out walking his dog, Pumpkin; there was much jubilation when we caught up to him on his walk.

At the beach, Graeme was immediately drawn to the surf, Xavier was attached to Pumpkin for a bit, and Jasper hung on to Rodney until he got comfortable enought to play in the sand on his own. All in all, a normal beach day for the Grussings.

After the beach, we headed for the city to meet Carolyn, Rodney's very good college friend, for an early dinner at Fog City Diner. She came with her brother (Joe), his wife (Linsey), and their one-year old son (Gavin). It was a great meal and we had fun catching up with Carolyn and getting to know her family. I only wish I'd taken pictures (um, yeah, especially since I had my camera with me the entire time - duh).

When we left the restaurant, the boys walked ahead of us and we caught them staring and having giggle fits. It turned out that they were looking at themselves on a reflective wall. The wall was paneled and was giving them a carnival fun house effect and they were just having a blast. Click here to enjoy a few photos of those moments.

The last little bit of playing we did was at the park next door. There were fountains, stepping stones, and rocks to climb; the boys were in heaven.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there! I hope you were spoiled rotten. If you are still lucky to have your mom in your life, make sure to hug her real tight and tell her how much you love her, not just today but every damn day. You are lucky to have her!