Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Graeme Graduation

I can't believe I almost forgot to write about this! Graeme graduated from his Pre-K class at Papillon Preschool this past June. While he doesn't technically leave Papillon right before he starts kindergarten on August 31, they held a graduation for his class that was so fun to watch. They showed off the things they've learned this past year - counting in Spanish and French, yoga poses, dancing, singing, etc. It was sooooo cool. At the end, there was a video presentation of photos by one of the kids' moms that was so touching and cool. It showed photos of the kids from baby to today and it was really amazing to realize how quickly they all have grown. Time flies to fast; I admit I got teary-eyed watching the video, but then again, I'm pretty sappy.

To see photos on Flickr of Graeme's big day, click here. We'll post more pictures of his first day of school as soon as those memories are created.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rodney's 40th Birthday

The craziest thing about Rodney's birthday is that he's had to share it A LOT; his sister Terri's birthday is the day right after his. Little did he know that becoming part of my family would mean he would now have to also share it with our now 11-year old, Ethan, whose birthday is two days before his. This year, he not only had to share his birthday week with Ethan, but he also had to share his actual day with celebrating Graeme's graduation from preschool. Oh no!

We love celebrating Rodney so on the day of his birthday (June 26, for those of you not "in the know"), we made sure to celebrate by going out with family to dinner. Graeme (because it was his graduation day) got to pick the spot and he picked his latest dining obsession, Macaroni Grill. We had a great meal, got the waiters to sing for Rodney, and "showered" him with presents and love. If you are interested in seeing some photos from that night, click here. The next night, Rodney and I went out for a fancy dinner at Central Park Bistro in San Mateo and then ended up at the movies, seeing "The Hangover," which was a really funny movie.

Because turning 40 is no small feat (especially for someone who's looking as good as he is!), I wanted to get Rodney something extra special to let him know how awesome we think he is so I had a birthday journal made for him, complete with entries from friends and family. The journal was handmade by a really creative friend, Melissa Esplin, who I had the pleasure of meeting while working with her husband, Chris, at Cornerstone. She's got a really great website that showcases her talent and shares a lot of really neat ideas, at IS•LY (check it out!). It was actually one of her Father's Day ideas that led to the creation of this journal. The journal is made of leather and cork and touching it alone is sheer joy. But it is definitely the contents of the journal that make it extra special. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it; without your words, the journal would not have been so wonderful.

Here are a couple of pictures of the journal - the photos really do not do it justice so make sure to ask to see it the next time you see us.