Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bootie Family

One of the things we like to do is make up names for the boys. Okay, by "we" I really mean that I probably started it and everyone else has adopted it. Ethan doesn't care much for his new name but the one he got is actually my favourite one - I'd probably use it as my DJ name if I could actually play records well enough to be a DJ. :) Graeme LOVES playing the renaming game but hasn't quite mastered the fine art just yet. Often, he insists that my name is "Jonko" or "Bonk" but he can't make it stick because (1) he doesn't remember these names from day to day and (2) I don't accept having a simple name when we've come up with such winners for them. I know, I know, this all smacks of future therapy sessions for the boys and I say, "So what?" After all, we haven't been saving money for their college education, we've been saving money for therapy. Hahahahaha!

So let me introduce you to our three boys...

Sheik Djerboudi

Shay Shay Shabouti

Stinky Buttowski

I wonder now if I inherited this "renaming disease" from my granddad, who came up with a funky nickname for each of his grandkids.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Swimming Lessons

Graeme started swimming lessons this week, on Tuesday to be exact. Here is a kid who loves being in water but is quite afraid of going past the second step in any pool. Its a healthy fear, especially since he can't swim, but one we want him to now let go so that he can get his inner fish out.

There was a dunking during the first class, which led to tears and begging for mom to take him from the pool, but he was a trooper and stayed through. So, with one class under his belt, his willingness to be in the pool is now if-fy, but we hope that his tolerance for the water and being dunked gets better and better as the weeks pass. Fingers are crossed...

Graeme laughing it up during swim class.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Fake-ation

Okay, so it was a real vacation, just a really short one... Technically, this was Xavier's first vacation ever so it was an important weekend to memorialize, even if he didn't realize it or could really care less. :)

Rodney and I took the boys in the "Behemoth" (my pet name for his new Mazda RX9 monster gas guzzler - hehehe!) to Santa Cruz and Monterey. We drove down to Santa Cruz on Saturday morning and headed on out to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We spent the day taking in the beach, a few rides, and greasy food galore.

The weather was perfect and we were all beat by the time 6pm rolled around so we happily headed back to our room at the local Super 8 Motel (we roll in style!) and slowly got ready for dinner out. We ate at Riva's on the wharf; the wharf was cool, but the food was really just okay.

The next morning, we had breakfast on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz before the hour-long drive to Monterey, where we spent the day at the aquarium. There were a ton of people milling about Monterey - the horror of vacations during the summer, especially over the weekend - but we had a really great time seeing and learning about all the fish and sea creatures on display. The boys really enjoyed themselves. As an extra treat, we got a chance to sample Bubba Gump's and found their Cajun peel and eat shrimp to be sooooo yummy. Even Ethan kept asking for more (if Ethan likes it so much he asks for seconds, you know it's GOOOOOOD!). :)

I am so lucky to have the summer off with the boys and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know am blessed to have the opportunity to take short vacations like these with family. I love my boys - I really do!

I hope you are all enjoying the summer as much, if not more, than we are. Our love to everyone and we hope to see you all real soon!

Graeme on the beach; hanging out in underwear.

Ethan spent his beach time chasing and jumping from the surf.

Me and the boys strolling down the Boardwalk.

The boys posing together after dinner on the wharf.

Rodney and the kids at the otter exhibit.

Marissa, Graeme, and Ethan at the otter exhibit.

Two of our pearls.