Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bootie Family

One of the things we like to do is make up names for the boys. Okay, by "we" I really mean that I probably started it and everyone else has adopted it. Ethan doesn't care much for his new name but the one he got is actually my favourite one - I'd probably use it as my DJ name if I could actually play records well enough to be a DJ. :) Graeme LOVES playing the renaming game but hasn't quite mastered the fine art just yet. Often, he insists that my name is "Jonko" or "Bonk" but he can't make it stick because (1) he doesn't remember these names from day to day and (2) I don't accept having a simple name when we've come up with such winners for them. I know, I know, this all smacks of future therapy sessions for the boys and I say, "So what?" After all, we haven't been saving money for their college education, we've been saving money for therapy. Hahahahaha!

So let me introduce you to our three boys...

Sheik Djerboudi

Shay Shay Shabouti

Stinky Buttowski

I wonder now if I inherited this "renaming disease" from my granddad, who came up with a funky nickname for each of his grandkids.

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