Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Delivery Wish List

4 days left and the doctor at our appointment yesterday said I may go past my due date. This baby has already beat his brothers at staying in longer and he's likely to be bigger too! This whole going past my due date thought is making me anxious because I really really want this baby to come in August so he can have his own birthday month. :)

Dear Baby:

Here's my wish list to you, sweetheart, about when I want you to come so if you could just indulge me, I promise to love you forever and ever.

Thursday night - Make it so mommy goes into labour
Friday - Get yourself borneded and out so we can meet you
Saturday - Chill with mommy and daddy in the hospital
Sunday - Go home and chill with all your brothers

Can you do that? Please, pretty please???? I told you that I'd love you forever, right? :)

Your Mom, who will love you forever (no matter what)

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