Monday, March 17, 2008

Who ate all the Frusen Glädjé?

We've got nails! Yep, the baby's got nails covering the tips of his toes and fingers now. It's almost strange to realize that not everything just appears at the same time, that there's a timing to everything. The baby's about 3.75 pounds now (about 20% of the weight that mom's actually gained, but let's not talk about that right now) and about 16.7 inches long. He's taking up so much space that his movements are really seeming more and more like the alien from "Aliens" trying to see his way out of my tummy. So far, my guess for this kid's future occupation is acrobat/contortionist.

My sweet tooth has not abated. On Saturday, I admit it, I secretly ate the last of the Butter Pecan ice cream that Rodney showered us with. I doused it with hot fudge and ate it straight out of the carton, making sure that I finished before any of the boys strayed in my direction to see what I was up to. How demented, huh? At least no one noticed that the ice cream was gone before I had a chance to replace it with a new half gallon yesterday - hahaha! Now I just need to avoid the "what happened to all the chocolate-covered pretzels" conversation and I'll be all set...

Happy happening of the day: I won tickets to the Duran Duran concert on the drive in to work today. Show is on May 2nd so I need everyone's positive thoughts that this kid won't decide to show up before or during the show. :)

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Julie said...

Ms Piggy - how did you win tix to DD? Did you call in? How geeky! But how cool! I love it. If baby #3 comes b4 then, can I have your tix? Love ya in advance!