Monday, March 24, 2008

47 Days To Go!

Actually, considering my track record, I'm thinking it's really more like 42 days left or something more like that. Ethan came 10 days early; Graeme joined us 5 days short of his due date. I am treasuring each day.

This past weekend was quite a treat. We enjoyed some unadulterated family time in the beautiful spring weather. On Saturday, we headed out to Chinatown in SF. My mom came with us and it's always a treat watching the surprised looks when she spits out her perfect Cantonese. On Sunday, we went out for a family brunch, picked up new baby clothes, took the boys to an Easter celebration at Bay Meadows race track where we had time to bet on one race (We are THE best parents, taking our kids out gambling instead of to church on Easter Sunday - hahahaha!), then hung out at my mom's house with my brother Manolet and his family. We also found time to look at the Saturn Outlook (no minivans for us ever, I hope!) and head out to Pacifica to have dinner with my dad and "the Manolets" again. I love non-stop weekends like these. So what if the laundry and dishes are piled up - I won't go to my grave regretting all the laundry and dishes I didn't do, you can count on that.

Today, I am clued in to how out of shape I've gotten -- my calves hurt today from all the weekend walking and it wasn't even that much! It's hard to imagine that I am the same person who ran a half-marathon when I was 2 1/2 months pregnant. Wow, I've come a long way indeed. So sad...

About the bambino: he's about 4 pounds and has passed the 17-inch mark. I think knowing that makes me feel all the more how close to the end we are getting. At least we finally have the baby names figured out (the boy name always takes longer; our girl name's been picked since we first started dating so that one is super easy).

Some random baby trivia: A Russian woman holds the record for having the most children. Between 1725 and 1765, she was pregnant 27 times and had 69 children.

Life is good. Love is good. And babies are the best way to start people, it's true.

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Sylvia said... first thought was: her mom speaks Cantonese? Duh Sylvia, of course she does! I wish I could have seen the shocked faces of the people when they heard her. I once encountered some members of the Aboitiz family (Cebu shipping family), with their blond hair and blue eyes, speaking fluent Cebuano. It just makes you do a double-take.