Monday, March 31, 2008

As the belly turns...

40 days left. The baby weighs about 4.75 pounds now and is almost 18 inches long. He's definitely running out of room in there - poor thing. :) He's also definitely permanently upside down and getting ready to exit. At the doctor's this past Thursday, Dr. Adams (one of the other doctors in the practice) helped me to feel his head wedged in my pelvis. Very very cool. One extra thing that's really great to know is that babies born between 34 and 37 weeks generally do fine so I am done worrying about preterm labour. I am only looking forward to meeting this little miracle.

At home, we are slowly working to get the house ready for the new lil' one. With less than 6 weeks left to our due date, I'm starting to feel the pressure of actually getting everything on our TO DO list done. A big one off that list - Graeme is completely toilet-trained and has settled into his "new" life of sharing a room with big brother Ethan (Ethan is still adjusting to it, however, but is being such a super big brother). We worked on the backyard some this weekend, getting it ready for planting a small flower garden. Next, we have to get the deck ready for the spring/summer BBQs that we love. Ethan and Graeme were both the biggest help with the backyard cleanup project - they are such awesome kids!

Summer is a going to be such a great time to be home from work. The weather will be incredible and there will be lots to keep us busy. The Rodman and I are also looking forward to all the movies we'll be able to catch up on during that first month when we are just lounging around the house with the new baby.

Life is great. Love is great. We are all so happy!

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