Monday, February 25, 2008

Grussing Guessing Game

To make the baby's arrival a little more fun, we like to play a little thing called the Grussing Guessing Game. Essentially, you log into a website (see links below) and enter your best guesses about how big this kid will be and when he/she might get here. We hope you'll all play along with us!

To participate, go to: or go to and enter GrussingGuessingGame as the game name in the space indicated on the home page.

For those of you who might be interested in some helpful hints with your guessing, here are some real facts along with some bits of information you might find useful:

- Both our kids are boys so think about the odds (wink!)
- I experienced no morning sickness this time around, the same with both boys
- Ethan was born 10 days early
- Graeme was born 5 days early
- My belly is shaped more like a beach ball than a watermelon
- Both boys weighed in at around 7 pounds; one was slightly longer than the other
- Third babies may or may not come out larger than previous kids
- I love eating salty, sour, and spicy foods, but have been wanting dessert lately
- The "cork" trick says I'm having a girl (but it said that for Graeme, too, at first)
- Heart rate has been consistently over 150BPM
- When asked if we were having a girl, the Magic 8 Ball said, "Yes, definitely"
- Oh, and I have bad gas - hahahahaha!

Ah, the suspense of not knowing! Life IS wonderful! Happy Monday everyone!

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