Thursday, February 14, 2008

84 Days and Counting Down...

Saw the doctor yesterday to check on the next Grussing spawn. Heartrate is a fast 153 and the baby was sitting upside down when I was in there. Yes, butt up in the air so you know he/she will fit right in when he's/she's finally out with the rest of us crazies. It's amazing how Dr. Beretta can feel around and tell exactly where all the body parts are. I wish I could do it so I could tell if this baby was kicking me or punching me or just giving me a shoulder heave.

For those who are interested, at this point, the average baby this age is nearly 2 pounds and about 14.4 inches long, head to toe. The baby now sleeps and wakes at regular intervals. Waking time seems to coincide with mommy's sleep times, but I digress... The baby's lungs are still immature, but would be capable of functioning - with assistance - if he/she were born now. Amazing, huh? Lately, too, I've been feeling "rhythmic movements" and just discovered that they are likely due to the baby hiccuping. Lay off the amniotic fluid, kiddo!

This Saturday marks the start of Week 29 so we are really into the third trimester now - the final stretch. Instead of going to see the OB every 4 weeks, I have graduated to going every two weeks, which is cool. I love these little milestones!

In our house, there is a split right down the middle when it comes to internal voting on the boy vs. girl question. Rodney and Ethan believe we're having a girl. Graeme and I still feel like there's a boy in there. It is so great having this as a surprise - now we can debate about it all the way til birth day. Then, when the baby is born, there will be so much excitement like there was when Graeme came out showing off his gigantic testicular parts.

We'll run a Grussing Guessing Game like we did last time just for fun so watch out for that. As for names, we are still considering DingBang if he's a boy and PomPom Anemone if she's a girl. Hahahaha!

The next ultrasound probably won't be until right before the due date (D-day = May 10) so I'll update with ultrasound photos from last Christmas as soon as I can get those scanned in. We are lazy about scanning in our neck of the woods so don't hold your breath. Hahahahaha!

By the way, Happy Heart Day everyone!

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