Friday, January 22, 2010

Jasper at Four Months and Other Oddities

Jasper is growing fast. It's really amazing that he's nearly 5 months old. In just a few more months, he'll be crawling, then walking, then running, then talking and adding to the commotion in the house. I can't wait to see how the boys all adjust to each other and how they'll be playing together a year from now. I can wait to see how tired and aged Rodney and I get in that same amount of time - hahahaha!

Last appointment was mid-January and Jasper weighed in at 17 pounds (87th percentile) and was 25.8 inches long (71st percentile). He's growing well and the doctor has said we can start him on solids anytime now, as long as he seems ready. My first try of feeding him rice cereal was entirely unsuccessful but I'll try again this weekend and see how it goes.

This is what Jasper looks like when I have to get up and go to work in the morning. It makes it SO hard to leave because all I want to do is cuddle this little bunny.

Here's a photo of Noki (Jude & Eva's dog) licking the heck out of Jasper. It seems the dog REALLY enjoys the milk flavour that Jasper obviously has.

This is Jack with Jasper. Jack is John's and Yvonne's son who was born the day before Jasper. He is such a darling and we love his hairstyle to death!

This is the face Xavier makes when you tell him to smile for the camera. Hahahaha!

This is Jude and Ethan doing some strange raindance. Ok, it wasn't actually a raindance, but a Wii game (Just Dance) - same difference, right????

This is what Rodney would look like if he were king of Bumboland or if he was just plain ol' Rodney.

This is what Manolete looks like when he's trying to be normal.

And this is what Xavier looks like when he's wearing mommy's shoes. RuPaul, watch out!

And here are Graeme and Xavier in the bath, where they are either yukking it up like crazy or fighting because someone splashed somebody.

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