Sunday, June 1, 2008

Time Flies

I can't even believe it's already June 1st. We've officially survived our first month with Xavier at home. But then, I've had my lifesaver, Rodney, home all month to help me out. He has been so absolutely wonderful and I have been so spoiled. He goes back to work tomorrow and I'm scared... who's going to bring me my meals so I can sleep all day?!! ;)

June is going to be a month for me and Xavier to readjust to being on our own (at least until Ethan is home for the summer break). Once Ethan is home, too, we'll have to make sure Graeme stays home some days so we can all play hooky together. It will really be fun being able to take Xavier out more this month, though, and maybe even going for long walks and so I can start to get back in shape. Will let you know if I can sneak that into my days in between napping. Am also trying to get the love of my life (yes, Rodney - hahahaha!) to buy me that new Wii Fit so I can stay at home, play video games, and still lose weight.

This weekend was the art & wine festival in our little town. We spent most of Saturday enjoying food and rides and friends. Okay, I spent most of MY time sitting on the lawn nursing Xavier, but it was still really great to be out and around people. Graeme rode on several rides - he was hesitant to try anything at first, but was sold after the first ride on the "race" cars that went round and round. Here's a photo of our cute lil' guy at the fair - he's getting so big and growed up!

Another interesting thing about this weekend - we were adopted by a new cat. Kinda, sorta. We found a new cat hanging outside our front door yesterday afternoon and she is apparently a homeless cat that someone's dumped out here. She's been going from home to home in our little neighbourhood, I guess making the rounds to see who's going to let her in. We can't take her in, but we, thankfully, have a friend, Sylvia, who rescues cats so she's going to help us figure out what to do and how to get her to a new family. She's living by our front door and, for now, has a bed, food, water, and some attention. We hope to find her a good home. I wish I had a photo of her to post because she is so pretty, with really beautiful patterns on her. Graeme is absolutely fascinated with her.

Since I don't have pictures of the cat, I'll post a couple of recent pictures of the Grussing men, just because...

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buy your girl a wii fit. i already have ours hooked up.