Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can I Pet Him?

Tomorrow marks Xavier's 3-week birthday. In this short time, I'm amazed at how much he's already changed. In addition to getting longer and heavier, he's starting to spend some time awake and looking around at things, he's getting chubbier by the day, and he's definitely getting cuter every day! It's crazy to realize that, as much sleep we've already been deprived of, there's still months and years of it to come. Thank goodness it's all worth it. :) He's seemlessly merged into our family and we are so lucky because he's turned out to be an angel baby. He's so calm and quiet that it's been so easy so far. He's also been sleeping these past few days in 2-3+ hour stretches so we can do things like nap, catch up on housework, and even get out of the house. Now, if we can just get past the non-stop feeding hours, life would be perfect - hehehehe! What a little dream child this is!

The older boys are adjusting amazingly well to the new brother in the house. Ethan is an old hat at this big brother stuff so he's really done a great job of being a sweetheart to both his brothers, understanding the lack of energy and time that mom has right now, and being so wonderful and patient at everything; good thing he's good at self-entertainment and that Rodney is around to give attention all around! Ethan's nickname of "Buddha" really suits him well because he's got such a mellow and sympathetic personality.

Graeme is likewise enjoying all the attention that his daddy is giving him these days - so much so that he could care less that I'm generally "stuck" with Xavier and with running my new business, the 24-hour breastaurant. Rodney and Graeme are attached at the hip these days and let's just say that, if I wasn't so tired, I might feel more left out and jealous than I do. ;) When it comes to Xavier, Graeme constantly asks about what the baby is doing. Unfortunately for him, the stuff that Xavier can do right now is limited to eating, sleeping, or pooping so the answers don't vary much. The cutest thing about Graeme, though, is that he will come up to watch Xavier and never fails to say two things about his new baby brother. (1) "He's so cute!" and (2) "Can I pet him?"

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