Thursday, December 15, 2011

Annual Santa Party

Every year, our company throws a holiday party for the kids where they all get to say HI to Santa. It's one of the few family traditions we have. This year, Ethan was finally too old to want to come along so he sat it out (and end of an era!); things change a lot when you're 13. :)

The three other boys, on the other hand, had a great time, meeting and greeting Santa and his elves. Well, mostly anyway. Jasper cried hysterically until Santa handed him a present; then, he figured out it was worth the horror of sitting there. Ah, the joys of the holidays!

Jasper - from tears to thanks!

Xavier - loved every minute! He was the only kid to give Santa a big hug.

Graeme - he was hamming it up the entire time. We had to ask him to tone it down; this kid needs to be in movies!

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