Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Costa Rica 2011: Days Five and Six

Day Five: Selvatura Canopy Ziplines
Monteverde is the place where I really end up falling in love with Costa Rica. It is so beautiful! I never knew it, but it was founded by Quakers from the US in the 1950s who were pacifists avoiding the draft into the Korean war. Apparently, a lot of Americans retire here. Daydream...

The view off our room's balcony is quite amazing (see photo below). I'm amazed we even wanted to leave the room at all, but we did. A photo of our favourite restaurant during the whole trip is shown below, of Restaurante Maravilla.

Today is the day we headed to the Cloud Forest for some ziplining. True to form, Ethan napped on my lap in the van on the way there. Good for him as he was well-rested for the 12 ziplines that we did, some short, some long, all of them very awesome. We were harnessed and gloved and would zip along these lines above the rainforest canopy. It was pretty misty and if you notice any "freckles" on our faces in the photos below, that's from the rainforest dirt raining down on us. The last zipline we did was a tandem one, where we zipped down the line together so we were speeding pretty fast and it felt the scariest to me.

At the end of all the ziplines was a 26-foot "Tarzan Swing" where you are essentially hoisted off a platform to swing above the canopy. I nearly fell off the platform before it was time to jump, but I really enjoyed the frightening yet exhilirating plunge. I screamed my ass off. Hahahaha!

Day Six: A Little Monteverde Before Heading to Samara
We got up early for breakfast and headed out into town for a bit of exercise and distraction before we were being picked up for the long ride to Samara. Of course, we ate lunch at Restaurante Maravilla and hung out at a couple of souvenir shops before heading back home. I really wish we had more time here.

The drive to Samara was crazy long. I probably don't have to mention here that Ethan slept on my lap the entire time - do I? (wink!) I was impressed with our driver, who made the 4+ hour trek with us then had to head back to where we came from. WOW! One of the best things about him was that he spoke to me purely in Spanish so, once again, I got a lot of practice. It's amazing how fast things come back to you, but really my Spanish leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing that more time in Costa Rica wouldn't cure...wink!

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