Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family Pictures

Recently realized that we have not taken a single family photo since who knows when. I mean the kind where all of us are in it. Not a one, not since Xavier was a baby. Well we finally had the best reason to take one. We got our new home and wanted to get a photo of us in front of the SOLD sign to show off.

So, here's our first family photo since Jasper's made the cut into the Grussing-Pike Tribe. A very typical photo and very imperfectly perfect in so many ways.

First there's me with my car keys dangling out of my pants pocket like a truck driver and my pedometer sitting so gloriously on my pocket (nerdlinger!). Then there's Jasper, both hands in his mouth and then Ethan smiling cutely with his short hair a little disheveled. Rodney looking really cute, but then Xavier is not facing the camera or smiling...and finally Graeme, in mid-sentence, with his hand on his crotchal regions. Ay! Ay! Ay!


MC said...

You've got a basketball team! :D Nice family pic!

Anonymous said...

time for some more updates, though. don't rest on your laurels just because you posted something this year.