Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Six Weeks

Jasper turned six weeks yesterday, October 13. Wow - time flies! Just a brief update on how everyone is doing these days...

Rodney is back at work (yuck!) and as busy as ever. Marissa still "harasses" him daily about coming home early. We definitely miss him being around!

Marissa has adopted a very bad sleep schedule, often not retiring to bed til the wee hours (3am???). Her Facebook game addiction, topped with the "free" time to do things like bills and handle all the silly little things like blogging do not help.

Ethan has adjusted really well to the sixth grade and has been getting really good grades in his classes. The standards-based grading system they use here is confusing, but he is getting As in most of his tests and is in the higher percentage of his classes. He started his "World Languages" class this week, where they are learning Spanish and French; he hit us up with a "grande" and "si" in conversation today. He's also enjoying the saxophone classes at school. I hope he wants to continue with it next year. Classes he's waiting for us to sign him up for include piano, swimming, and dance. DANCE! :) We're just so proud of him! Oh, another major milestone --- braces are gone and we are down to retainers - yayyyy!!!

Graeme has finally turned the corner when it comes to homework. He finally realized that whining and complaining instead of doing was not the best route - phew, our kindergartner is growing up! Soccer season's started and he's having a blast with his team, the Blue Dragons. He runs up and down that field like nobody's business! He has also spent a couple of Sundays hanging out with his Papa Tony in Pacifica and we have had a heck of a time trying to pry him away when it was time to go. For their next "grandpa date," Graeme asked if he could stay for "100 hours" so we may try to work in an overnighter there if Papa Tony is up for it. :) We wish Mommom and Poppop lived closer so he (and the other kids) could also get hangout time in.

Xavier's vocabulary is growing. He says hi (pronounced with a Southern drawl, in "hah"), hat, hot, more (this one's new today). He can moo like a cow and growl like a dinosaur. For all other things he wants to say, though, he pretty much just grunts - hahahaha! He can also point to more and more parts of his body (nose, feet, belly, ears...). It's so cool to watch him learning so many new things. Especially because he's trying to keep up with his older brothers, he is growing up so quickly and wants to be in everything they are into. He and Graeme spend a lot of time together especially now that they share a room. They are thick as thieves and they are usually cracking each other up and laughing like fiends; when they're not fighting over toys that is.

I'm waiting on Jasper's first "real" smile...any day now. He is sleeping for longer stretches and I have to learn to take advantage of that. He's also spending more awake time, which is super cool. He also took his first bottle today and that's always such a relief. He and I have been pretty attached at the hip (okay, maybe at another body part that's a little higher up - hehehe!) and it's been so nice. He's asleep on Rodney's chest right now and it's just so precious when that happens. Ahhh... it's really just the little things that make me so happy.

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