Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Xavier Update

So much happens when you are not paying attention...

Xavier's been in daycare for nearly four weeks now and has adjusted like a pro. Despite one super bad day where he only drank one ounce of milk and tortured his teachers with all-day tears and wailing, he is doing very well. Every day I get to pick up a super happy baby who is constantly nuzzling his teachers and smiling at the other babies. It's hard to not spend every waking moment with him, but it really makes me feel so much better knowing that he is so happy at Papillon.

New skills and things:

* Rolling Over: I am trying to not let this kid grow up too fast since he is our last baby, but he is growing up anyway despite my best efforts. :) At any rate, I busted him rolling over when I set him down on the floor at my dad's house when we were there on the 28th. Now we really can't leave the little bugger unguarded.

* Solid Food: I don't really know how anyone can call extremely ground up food "solid," but it is what it is. We started Xavier on rice cereal at 5 months and he took to it, finally. Then we moved on to green peas - wish I'd gotten on video the strange faces he was making. Last night, we tried sweet potatoes for the first time and he loved them so much that he ate two jars of it. Rodney, who abhors sweet potatoes, was a little disgusted. Hahahahaha!

* Brothers: Xavier is fascinated with his brothers and they are enthralled by him. I am glad that we are a family of silly people and we spend a lot of time laughing together. I hope this never ever changes.

Love to you all - can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?!

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Lora said...

So sweet! Can't believe how much he's grown :) Love to you and the family!