Saturday, July 26, 2008

How hard is it to get 3 boys to smile for the camera at once?

Pretty me. :) I'm not looking forward to getting the holiday photos taken so I may just leave that to professionals...

I'm posting some recent pictures of the kids and one of me and Graeme (posting this last one only because I'm rarely in photos and this one was pretty cute of the two of us and I want to memorialize it, egomaniac that I am)...

Not much has gone on lately, not that I can remember anyway. Hahahaha! The summer is winding down and so is my maternity leave. I am feeling a sort of panic about that. I wish I could stay home for another 3 months with Xavier and the boys. It has been such fun being home with Ethan for summer vacation. We laze around all day, but it's just a great time spending our days together. Lately, we've been letting Graeme play hooky from school and we go for walks, eat out, watch movies, and do pretty much nothing all day. Today, I spoiled the boys with homemade pancakes, mac n' cheese, and homemade mango lassi. Yummmmmmm...

Last Tuesday, I dragged Rodney to go see Lisa Williams with me. Most people will probably not know who she is and I won't go into detail, but suffice it to say that my ulterior motive for going had to do with my mom (who I miss and think about every single day). For that motive, the trek was unsuccesful, but it was still really cool to see Lisa in action. She has a really great personality and was really amazing with what she does.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

Much Love to All,

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